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iSEN short for Interglobal Specialist Excel Network says it all. We are an experienced Education Representative with Consultants that has more than 30 years of experience in these areas of expertise. iSEN envisions bringing students from all around the world together through the various education pathways. We provide exemplary services to students and parents though our global network coupled with our experienced Education Specialists.  The Education Specialists from iSEN are passionate in their field of profession and wants nothing more than to provide students, our future leaders, the best education opportunities available globally. We specialise in studies in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America, Singapore, Malaysia and many more!

With the ever advancing technology around us, iSEN is moving forward together with you! We are one of our very own, making it easy for students and parents alike by going virtual with our communication. We can easily be reached via our Mobile Phones, Email, Whatsapp, Skype and Facebook! iSEN operates on a borderless concept and is easily accessible. We come to you and we make applications easy. Being virtual means, we can meet you and your parents anywhere convenient. It also means communications is principally via the social media so there is no hassle. Your application forms are handled by our professional Specialists online, documents are scanned and sent using our online link with the institutions that we represent. iSEN communicates seamlessly so that parents does not need to worry about having to take leave to talk to us and students can also contact us anytime that they have to or need to.

Services that are provided by iSEN:

  • Professional Advice and Counselling
  • Placement Services to Institutions matching students’ academic ability and parents budgetary concern.
  • Excellent choices available in countries such as; Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, America, Canada, China and South Korea.
  • Assistance with Student Visa Application.
  • Assistance with Accommodation Application and purchase of student air fares if needed.





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