” Good news for students who has yet to make up their minds. INTO UK is offering this promotion right through to 02 September 2019! If a student confirms on a Foundation course during this time frame he/she will get a £1500 discount from tuition fees. If the confirmation is on a International Year One course during this time frame that student will get a £1000 discount from tuition fees. “

Any special conditions…?  Yes of course, what’s a promotion without conditions 

  • You will need to quote the code ‘’Success-19’
  • This is for Undergraduate Academic and AE study plans of 3-terms or more (GE, DE, GD, PM, A-levels excluded)
  • This is for courses that commence up to and including January
  • Thanks to your support we are almost full up at INTO Manchester so this centre is excluded from the promotion
  • Newcastle London Higher Education Programmes are excluded
  • This cannot be combined with any other scholarships or promotions (except sibling discount.)

It is hoped that iSEN’s students will be able to make use of this generous offer particularly with the exchange rates now being in favour of the Ringgit.

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