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  • Contact your favourite Education Specialist at:

Email:, Whatspp: +6016 443 0580

  • Information needed:

– Your interest (the course you want to study), Academic Level (eg Form 5, IGCSE, A Levels, etc)

– Full name and contact number

– Documents needed, please scan and email or whatsapp, all your academic documents (all results that you already have), a copy of your IC front and back for local institutions application, a copy of your current International PASSPORT  for overseas application.


iSEN will:

  1. Assess your academic ability. Advice you on your choice based on your academic ability and budget.
  2. Once a choice/s are agreed upon, iSEN will email to you an application form for you to complete. You will need to email back the completed form with all the documents as mentioned above. iSEN will undertake to process your completed application form and to liaise with the institution/s of your choice.
  3. Offers made to students can range from a week to a month depending on what has been provided to the institution assessing the application. The offer can be a conditional or unconditional offer.
  4. At this stage, iSEN can meet up with the student and parents to provide more counselling and professional guidance to enable student and parents to make an informed decision on the offer.
  5. Upon the acceptance of an offer, then the process of applying for accommodation, student visa application (for overseas education) will progress accordingly.


Note: iSEN’s service are all free of charge unless specified by the institution/s of your choice (you may need to pay for application fee, enrolment and registration fee for local institutions). For overseas, there will be application fee involved for the use of say the UK – UCAS application. iSEN itself does not charge for its services.

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