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“HELP Academy 2020 A Levels Scholarships”

The scholarship is eligible for admission in January, March, July, September in 2020.

The A-Level scholarship can be awarded based on mid-term, trial or provisional exam results (excluding the non-academic subjects or subjects not listed with the SPM certificate, such as Pendidikan Seni and Jasmani, Information Technology, English for Science and Technology, Sivik and Kewarganegaraan, etc). If the final SPM/O-Level results are better, the scholarship amount will be increased; if lesser, the amount will not be affected (provided the minimum 5 credits are obtained). Students can also apply after the release of the SPM/O-Level exams. However, they must apply using their actual results.

Students are required to pay RM300 for the application fee which is non-refundable. The A-Level scholarship are awarded based on 4 subjects tuition fee (valued at RM35,000) on a first come, first served basis.

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