Flat-out was a state-wide homelessness support and advocacy service for women 18+

A Statewide Assistance Assistance For Females Leaving Jail

Flat Out was a state-wide homelessness service and advocacy services for ladies 18+ (with/without young children), who may have had contact with the unlawful justice and/or prison method in Victoria. Flat Out doesn’t have lodging.

Flat-out and its particular associate are actually focused on supporting the legal rights, safety, engagement and empowerment of most girls and boys.

Flat-out is an impartial, definitely not for income, group based organisation sugar daddy app that is definitely maintained by and then for girls.

Flat-out try devoted to co-creating safer spaces, cultivating assistance and self-determination for folks who identify as sistergirls, intersex, transgender and/or gender different girls. All of us trust that personality is designed for the specific individual to define, and work collectively to make sure that those that have these identifications become accorded value and the means to access our very own help and advocacy, and offered continuous the possiblility to inform strategies regarding the intersection regarding personal information with experience of criminalisation.

The Flat Out therapy Collective (aboard) welcomes comeliness and equivalence with the essential tasks of governance, owners and control which are underpinned by a thorough number standards, regulations and operations and delegated power.

Flat-out gets administration money with the team of Health and peoples business (Victoria), the North west Melbourne basic wellness Network (Commonwealth), and job financing from numerous resources to maximize our very own ability to provide revolutionary and efficient service, advocacy and cultural modification. Authorities financing means the purpose of delivering individualised support and advocacy for ladies (with or without kids) to address homelessness, drug and liquor process and a range of various other help and advocacy to manage the underlying causes of criminalisation.

Private funding is definitely brought up through donations, awards and common fundraising for purposes of smooth Out’s cultural modification and endemic advocacy succeed.

Flat Out brings and participates in research and group knowledge, attempting to teach the greater neighborhood on the harms that happen for females inside the violent fairness system. Flat Out actually works directly with girls that have adept criminalisation and/or incarceration so to help right and problems of women in imprisonment. Flat Out operates to protect against people from travelling to jail, and trying to keep ladies away from imprisonment when they are released.

The studies and values that underpin apartment Out’s efforts have continued continual since Flat Out’s start (1988). Through community interest, knowledge and study, flat-out work toward possessing a stronger vocals within the jail abolition fluctuations in Australia and internationally. Our very own view is the fact that fundamentally prisons are considered antiquated, harsh and inefficient associations. Certainly not unlike the exercise to abolish slavery; activities to end racism; the women’s liberation movement, as well motion to end homelessness. Flat-out tries to my workplace along different neighborhoods to finish all types of difference and unfairness. We come across these motions as interconnected.

We strive to honour all of our responsibilities to ladies who are criminalised, close friends and enthusiasts of Flat Out, the broader group and our funders.

Flat Out Beliefs

  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people’s due to the fact basic peoples of Queensland
  • All of our business being manage by & for ladies
  • Working together with women who include criminalised
  • Delivering premium help work & advocacy
  • Flexibility, equivalence & self-determination
  • Cultural justice & monetary opportunities for all those
  • We have all the ability to result safe and secure, violence-free life
  • Becoming an important part of an action to finish criminalisation and imprisonment
  • Employing the broader community toward our very own eyesight

Our Visualization

Women can be not just criminalised or imprisoned

How can we become there

  • We’ll uphold Flat Out as an unbiased, not for profits business.
  • We shall remain focused on dealing with women who is criminalised.
  • We are going to provide excellent woman-centred support and advocacy.
  • We will help people to have suitable and low-cost home.
  • We will support women in his or her journeys to good health and wellness.
  • We will supporting females to reconnect with kids and community.
  • We are going to earnestly promote good options to criminalisation and imprisonment.
  • We’re going to contribute and create efficient friendly and systemic modification.
  • We shall assist the bigger community towards all of our experience.